Friday, March 15, 2013

Tea Party Bridal Shower

A classy bridal shower for a classy lady.  Chelsea loved the idea of a tea party themed shower and since she was the bride, we complied with her wishes (even though we usually prefer that these things be a surprise)!  The tea party theme was absolutely beautiful!  So classic and delicate.

Each of the center pieces was a unique tea pot, brought from the homes of family members.  Table runners were made from a gorgeous floral fabric that just happened to match the china perfectly!  Love when things work out like that!  The take home gifts for this shower were little hand crafted packets that held several different kinds of tea - special "teas" for Eric and Chelsea:  Humili-Tea, Integre-Tea and Honest-Tea to name a few!

We added a single dainty flower on each plate for simple elegance.  There was no shortage of pearls and lace for this tea party.

Scones were served for tea time along with two artfully decorated cakes (brought in from Chicago) and some adorable and tasty jam cookies with tops that looked like buttons!

The bride wearing her mother's wedding dress and hat because she's so fun!  

We encouraged the guests to bring along a fancy, old-fashioned hat to wear!

Chelsea's bridal hat was a lovely vintage sun hat adorned with fresh flowers and tulle.  Completely perfect for the theme!

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